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When Sati, attended the yaga no body has cared for her and she felt insulted by the actions of her sisters and parents.

Then when her father started abusing her husband she could not control her feelings and scarified herself at the place of yagna by creating agni from earth with her right thumb of her foot.

But they also used a second calendar unlike any other in the world.

Known variously as the tzolkin (Yucatec) or tonalpohaulli (Nahuatl), it was 260 days in length, and served as an astrological almanac or sacred calendar for all peoples of ancient Mesoamerica.

This goddess is often associated both with Gowrī/Parvati, the benevolent goddess of harmony, marital felicity and longevity, with Durga, goddess of strength and valour, and with Mahakali, goddess of destruction of the evil.

History :- There was a great king called Daksha Prajapati who was son of Lord Brahma.

The core emotional need of a woman is to be cherished. That means making her feel loved and appreciated, that she's your number one priority.

Long before modern scientists gave us such "precise" measurements, the ancient Mesoamericans evolved a numerical system that could handle most astronomical calculations; in fact, all the planetary cycles could be incorporated within their intricate calendrical system.

It is even still in use today in some parts of Mexico and Guatemala.

This calendar guided the daily rituals and cultural achievement of the people, but it also formed the basis for interconnecting the various measurements of cyclical time.

Allow your spouse to speak without interruption and then repeat what has just been said.

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This reassures your spouse that he or she was heard.Then he asked, "Suppose these three squares were made of beaten gold, and you were offered either the one large square or the two small squares. " Interestingly enough, about half the class opted for the one large square and half for the two small squares.

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