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The building is a good rainy-day option for a ceremony or indoor place for a band.

This site is an easy walk from the studio apartment accommodations and the lodge.

Come for a personalized tour and take a look yourself!

The Sportsplex building has a flat, well-manicured lawn where the view of Pikes Peak dramatically jumps up out of the pines.

All of our wedding sites provide incredible mountain views with meadows, aspen groves, and pine forests.

Each site also has easy drive-up access for the elderly and those with mobility challenges.

Choose The Nature Place for your wedding and reception if you want to enjoy a private Colorado Mountain experience that is customized to your preferences.

The setting is exceptional, the food is outstanding, and our staff is very experienced - we want to help make your special event memorable.

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Besides a lake monster, Lake Elsinore is rumored to also have ghosts, UFO's, satanists, vampire cults, and even a group of ten citizens who claim to all have known each other in past lives and have all been mass reincarnated.

Pop out of a small pop out cake or gift box Room service (hide under room service cart)Wrestling (hot oil, jello, whip cream)Baby (arrive in baby carriage with beard & cigar)Pranks & Practical Jokes - for April Fools Day OR Any day of the year! Typically a big furry gorilla will appear with a stunning balloon arrangement.

The character will usually sing three songs while being photographed and/or video-recorded by the Client.

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