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15-Apr-2020 16:03

Written by Leah Klein, the books were popular among Orthodox girls in certain circles, but they petered out in the mid-90s, around the same time as the BSC’s success was waning.

Nowadays they’re surprisingly difficult to find–and even used copies are very pricey (Batya’s Search, Vol. But if you can find them, they’re a deeply amusing example of mid-90s culture turned glatt kosher.

But, perhaps in part because of that, the kids and teenagers who grow up frum, or religiously observant, in the famously liberal Bay Area experience a host of challenges and misconceptions — and, many were quick to point out, plenty of joy as well.

There has been much talk about Yitta Halberstam’s Jewish Press article about the crisis of shidduch dating.

Once they’ve gone off the path, for a variety of reasons including loss of faith, distaste for the lifestyle, and longing to educate themselves beyond the Jewish texts, OTD’ers are like immigrants in the secular world, unsure of the language and customs of dating, battling the voices of their parents and rabbis, who warned them that touching the opposite sex before marriage would incur God’s wrath.

“There are three problems specific to the ex-religious when they first try to date,” Irenstein says.

In other words, she’s a fairly typical teenage girl. She observes Shabbat in the strictest sense, follows kashrut, and is shomer negiah: She doesn’t have even the slightest physical contact with men or boys outside her immediate family, choosing to save that for marriage.Apartments in Washington Attorneys in Washington Auto Dealers in Washington Auto Parts in Washington Auto Repair in Washington Beauty Salons in Washington Car Rental in Washington Dentists in Washington Doctors in Washington Flowers in Washington Hotels in Washington Insurance in Washington Loans in Washington Mortgages in Washington Movers in Washington Pizza in Washington Realtors in Washington Restaurants in Washington Storage in Washington Tax Preparation in Washington Travel in Washington Featured More...