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24-Aug-2019 13:13

There’s a whole chart to study, so everyone can plan their schedules accordingly.

An empty book entitled What Every Man Thinks About Apart From Sex has soared up the bestseller charts.

‘It was a shocking conclusion and I realised that the world needed to be informed of my findings.’ Currently sitting at the top of the Amazon list is celebrity chef Jamie Oliver’s latest offering, 30-Minute Meals, providing quick and easy dishes to allow men more free time to, presumably, think about sex.

Relying on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the app Moment, which tracks smartphone use, the chart shows sleep and work take up roughly two-thirds of people's day, no matter the year.

Thomas Jefferson was said that the relationship with the vintage era of sex education and post on social learning in connecting with someone.

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Practically all of people's free time goes toward screens of some sort, Alter's research has found.

The red space is all the time we spend fiddling around on screens.

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’ Prof Simove went on to reveal that the subject matter tackled in the book was thoroughly researched.

‘After many years of hard work I finally realised that men think of absolutely nothing apart from sex,’ he added.

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