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21-Aug-2019 15:57

Third, they love the idea that others are excluded and they are included. They parade their election not to save others but to flaunt their lofty status. They also have to debate whether one of the elect should stoop so low as to perform manual labor. He nears the 10th floor and sure enough providence carries him around the building and back into the 10th floor window where he takes the elevator back up to the bar. A vicious dog attacks a boy and a man standing nearby rushes in, grabs the dog by the neck and kills it. In that case, the reporter says, the headline will read, “Lunatic kills family pet”.

sk Me Anything is an opportunity for you to submit questions that are related or unrelated to things I’ve written, and for me to take a shot at answer them.

You may ask, why do we have Calvinist jokes on a Yankee Joke site? Finally, after the six hours, the Baptist comes out and goes “Whew, I made it.” Still, nervous the Pentecostal Lady takes her turn and goes in. The Calvinist answers, “there were two signs and I chose the one that says predestination. ” “Well then, you can’t come in” And he slams the door shut.

The Pentecostal lady knows that if the Baptist man is having this hard of a time she really must be in trouble. They walk by this group of people hanging out with the Virgin Mary and a couple of saints. He knocks and an an angel opens the door and asks “what brings you to my door”?

This week’s questions concern Calvinism, a husband who wants his wife to read erotica, pastors who give to their own church, the usefulness of church libraries, and conundrums in dating relationships. In other words, that He takes the initiative in drawing all people to Himself, but then lets each individual decide how to respond?

But as we read the Bible, we are faced with a purposeful God who has set his love on his people so that he saves those whom he loves.Use the publication information provided on the title page (not the cover) of the book.The copyright date is usually given on the back of the title page. Peter tells them, “You’ve all done well, but to get into Heaven I am going to need to interview each of you in private to make sure your qualified.” At this point the Baptist and Pentecostal are sweating bullets. So, they go into a small room and are in there for 6 hours. He walks down the road and comes to a huge golden door with the word PREDESTINATION written above it.

The father looked at his wife and beamed, “Well what do you know! ” A Baptist Man, a Pentecostal Woman, and a Calvinist all die and get to the gates of Heaven. Just as he is hurtling toward the street, around the 10th floor he is once again carried around the building and into the window. “Well, why not.” the Calvinist says, “I am a fan of providence, so I’ll try it.” He jumps over the balcony, plunges downward passes the 11th, 10th 9th, 8th, floors. Being a Calvinist and believing in predestination he takes the predestination road.

The church is five-point Calvinist in the way it understands salvation, baptistic in the way it understands the church, dispensationalist in the way it understands the end-times, and definitely is not charismatic in any way in understanding the Holy Spirit.

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