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She dissed her mate Nicola Mc Lean as Alicia Douvall – who Sallie alleges slept with Nicola’s husband – entered the CBB house. She recently decided that because she keeps making bad decisions about blokes, she’ll opt for a sperm donor to have a child.

She’s fallen out with lots of fellow celebs through defending her mates, from Jasmine Lennard, Bianca Gascoigne, Kelly Brook and Josie Cunningham, to name a few.

Even movie producers are giving her work now…when I was really sure she was going to fade into obscurity and remain an instagrammer…I see the IMDB page filling up with people hoping to get people to see their movie by using her…necessarily how Fincher and Afleck used her sexually…but using her none the less…because that’s what you gotta do with these low levels trying to validate their low level whoring.

I am not a fan, but I think being so not a fan kinda makes me a fan nonetheless because I pay attention to what her tits are up to when I don’t actually care, yet this post tells a very different tale…

" (Accompanied by a LOT of red angry face emojis.)And in another tweet, Aisleyne ranted: "Just when u think u've found a guy who's different lol more fool me…

That’s apparently a genuine neurosis.know a mental disorder that takes different form depending on how fucked up you are by your rich and trashy parents that sold you out….

Some people bite their fingernails, others like to pull out their hair…well I like to see sniffing ass fingers….

Discussing his faux admission that he fancied Ais, the Irish stripper said: "I was totally messing, Jesus, you mad? Jesus Christ."But while Aisleyne and Sam get the elbow, there's one housemate Marc still has an eye for: "I did fancy your one Charley, she was gorgeous. Speaking to the Daily Star Online, Marc said: "I don't know why they did vote me out if everyone's shocked. If someone says a bad word, and that's the main thing that ruins your day, then you have a pretty good life."Us Irish people have verbal diarrhoea.

It was so weird, everyone was like, 'I can't believe Marc's gone'… I've been in the diary room for my use of language, and Big Brother reads what I've said back in that monotone voice, then you're going, 'F*** that sounds so bad.' But spend a week in Ireland and you'll see I'm not so bad."Before entering BB, Marc was a star on the Irish reality TV show Tallafornia, but he swears he's not in the game to get guestlist for dodgy nightclubs and pose for cringe public appearances. I literally finished my last exam the day before Big Brother.

The 38-year-old has been posting regular messages on social media since Monday evening, when an explosion at the MEN Area resulted in the deaths of 22 people and…