Dating someone with ptsd and depression

13-Sep-2019 20:52

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Fast forward six years: we were madly in love and engaged, then married.One year after that, my husband came home after work, sat down at the kitchen table, and told me he wanted a divorce. A few months after that, he was diagnosed with Bipolar 2, and our marriage was in for a hell of a ride. I was 18 years old, pregnant, scared and lonely when I met my now-husband.We became best friends, and two years later he married another woman and had a baby.The symptoms of PTSD can arise suddenly, gradually, or come and go over time.

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The lives of those suffering from it are hugely impacted by it.

Ten years later, I published a book about our marriage, and have had a lot of sleepless nights and many lessons learned about loving someone with bipolar disorder. When your partner is diagnosed, you won't know what's coming.