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Everyone else in Romania believes they are a victim of the fact that the President and the Prime Minister can’t agree who is the victim and who is the culprit. They tell me they love me and two weeks later, they leave me.’ ‘It’s because they are only after sex,’ I said. ‘No,’ she answered, ‘they tell me they love me sex. Romanians don’t often share their patriotism with the world, they do so more when Romania achieves some performance on the international scene – either wins a sports or artistic prize. For the rest of the time, however, Romanians swing between loving their country for the good and the bad, and hating it.Columnist Eleonore af Schaumburg-Lippe writes in her weekly column about life as an expat in Romania. Most people speak about the beautiful Romanian women, and often Romanian men are forgotten.Gifts for family members and showing interest in family members goes a long way with a Romanian.For many Western Europeans, where family relationships are not necessarily that close, this fact comes as a surprise at their first contact with Romania.However the truth is Romanians are just people are like people everywhere. At the risk of attracting contempt for being prejudiced and simplistic, here is what I like and don’t like about Romanians. But here in Romania, you can have a shout at your friends, girlfriend, boyfriend and colleagues, with a preposterous level of personal abuse and the next day, no one cares. When I edited a magazine in Romania, we set three deadlines for receiving material back from interviewees – in chronological order – the deadline we asked for, the deadline we hoped for and, finally, the deadline we expected. Give a Russian a lighter, he will see a bunch of ingredients that can help him get high. Where there is a strict framework for delivery, they work brilliantly. Nevertheless, people have an uncynical attitude to building a modern nation.

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It runs both ways, with a lot of youngsters getting support from their families until an old age – either by living home with parents, or by receiving packages with food, if parents live in the countryside, and children in the city.Using your example with the bus stop from the picture, here in Bulgaria when waiting for a bus, we stay relatively closely together, like a group.