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04-Mar-2020 23:28

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Travel agent Russell Lord, who specializes in bringing gay tourists to Israel, said on Tuesday, “Since the campaign was launched yesterday, I’ve received many positive responses from gay tourists from Germany, Switzerland, Holland and Greece, and I didn’t believe there would be such quick responses.

“So far, gay tourists have avoided coming to Israel because of the expensive flights and because there were no long weekend packages available, only week-long or 10-day packages.

The consequence of this step is that any public display of same sex relationships or attraction is illegal in Russia.

The law also encourages right wing violent groups to abuse and hurt LGBT and Queer people all over Russia and Ukraine.

The use of alcohol and other mood-altering drugs raised the likelihood of having unprotected sex by 55 percent, according to the study.

Men are less likely to use condoms during sexual encounters in gay saunas, it added.

Transaction log backups are the only action that should ever clear the transaction log.

“The situation that we want to prevent, in which many gay men will be HIV-positive, is not a matter for future predictions, it’s already here.” This is largely because younger men having sex with men were less likely to use a condom, the survey said.

“Russia 2013 is a death trap for the LGBT community,” Red Flag’s founders write in their statement, ” This discriminating law is backed up with aggressive enforcement by the army and the police.

Organization of meetings, provision of an Internet access and a communication service to the public do not fall within the activity of provides the users with a visible and accessible system to allow them to notify to the moderating service any illegal content or information reprehensible in application of the law on the freedom of press of July, the 29th, 1881, with particular regards to crimes against humanity, incitement to racial hatred and child pornography.… continue reading »

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