Outlook 2016 updating inbox stuck

12-Oct-2019 22:24

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These folders include Inbox, Calendar, Tasks, Sent Items, and Deleted Items, with a special emphasis on Inbox, Sent Items, and Deleted Items as these are the first to be downloaded.

This applies to any other personal folders that are heavily used.

In the environment I was in, any user that had that setting turned on would have to manually check for new messages, via folder switching or "Send/Receive" whereas anyone without the setting saw mail the second it hit their inbox.

I had the same exact problem, My outlook inbox would not automatically update when someone would send me an email. Clean up the backups, it's easy to end up with 8GB of PSTs laying around.

14.3.2 update\Sent messages are being filtered If you are experiencing this issue, upgrade to newer version.

Googleing suggests that an add-in like Google Desktop or MS Search could be causing the problem. Just in case, I have disabled all the build-in add-ins from the trust center, except for VBA, which is required for some auto-updating spreadsheets we use for contact management... 1) Does the user have Google Desktop Search installed?It has come to our attention that many Outlook 2013 and Office 365 users are having issues within synchronizing IMAP folders recently.

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