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We have spent a significant amount of time working to ensure that this release is backwards compatible and will work with your existing code, but you may have use cases we haven’t anticipated.

If you are broken by this release, let us know so that we can look into it right away.

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While the Local/Focal/Zonal classification scheme is most frequently associated with grid-based modeling, it applies equally well to vector-based analysis just substitute the concept of polygon, line or point for that of a grid cell as the smallest addressable unit of space providing the map values for processing.An educational CD with online text, exercises and databases for hands-on experience in these and other grid-based analysis procedures is available for US.95 plus shipping and handling ( ).This map algebra is similar to traditional algebra where basic operations, such as addition, subtraction and exponentiation, are logically sequenced for specific variables to form equationshowever, in map algebra the variables represent entire maps consisting of thousands of individual grid values.In grid-based map analysis, the spatial coincidence and juxtapositioning of values among and within maps create new analytical operations, such as coincidence, proximity, visual exposure and optimal routes.

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It provides an iterative processing environment by logically sequencing map analysis operations and involves: 1) retrieval of one or more map layers from the database, 2) processing that data as specified by the user, 3) creation of a new map containing the processing results, and ) storage of the new map for subsequent processing.The Angular change detection mechanism is much more transparent and easier to reason about than its equivalent in Angular 1.