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Although I'm far from having a serious appreciation for music, I'm starting to find my own tastes.

Got a long way to go until I'm really knowledgeable about emo, but thanks!

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Looking the Part Understanding Emo Participating in Emo Culture Community Q&A From the suburbs to the beaches, from Mexico to Iraq, teenagers have been self-identifying as "emo" for years and it still manages to confound and confuse the mainstream. However, I don't tend to feel depressed a lot, and I repress emotion quite often, but if things get too much I do show. " But I started listening to some emo pop bands and I really liked it.

Based on the melodically-aggressive and complicated hardcore music of mid-80s Washington DC, emo has its roots in mostly indie but has expanded into many styles, sounds, and cultures from indie rock to pop punk. If you want to learn about the history, the music, and the culture to get started participating in emo culture, you've come to the right place. I have my hair dip-dyed purple and I wear chokers almost every day.

C., where it was known as emotional hardcore or emocore and pioneered by bands such as Rites of Spring and Embrace.

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I also dress in colors such as black, blood red and purple.