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07-Nov-2019 10:10

These are Swedish websites, but most of them have English versions. Here you can find a lot of useful information about almost everything concering sexual health.Contact information to clinics Contact info to health care in Sweden. You can also find information about your local clinic.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a guide to dating Swedish men! (Anonymous comment from a male friend) H – Hair gel is a necessity, not an option. O – Obtuse, like any man, the Swedish man has proven to be equally if not more obtuse at times. Q – Quiet and shy describes 90% of Swedish men in Sweden and 10% abroad.And if you wish you can upload your own sex videos and sex pictures and earn extra money.For more Information on this Sex site ist eine einzigartige Amateur Community wo sich nur Frauen ab einem bestimnten Alter präsentieren.It is also very popular among holiday makers from the Spanish peninsula, especially during Easter time.

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It offers lush forests, exotic fauna and flora, deserts, mountains, volcanoes, incredibly beautiful coastlines and spectacular beaches.

This post is being closed now because it has more than 200 comments!!! This is especially true if you believe the man should pay for dates, etc when he is more in dutch / equal paying.