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See more »Factual errors: The first scenes take place on the island of Saint Martin that appears to be under English rule. The story was good and there were some surprises too.

This is historically inaccurate for Saint Martin has been under Dutch and French rule since the mid 17th century. As a high budget movie, the movie was filled with very good special effects (some done by the Industrial Light Magic).

'Also annoying is how your day is structured: you are never given a full night's sleep in ten months.

We averaged four or five hours a night (that's after 12 hours of labor).

Crew members at sea have none of those things,' he says.'Pay is not commensurate with hours worked, hence the lack of First World crew.It seems to be kind of an unspoken subject which no one wants to talk about.So we ask for your input if you have traveled overseas with a sex offense in your history.We already know that felons are being denied entry into Canada. Please note that the following information from readers is anecdotal.

Please limit your email to hard facts about passports, visas, entry,exit and border checks. This will help us to make sense of how different level offenders are treated. Did you apply for an entry visa, or just travel on a US passport? While we greatly appreciate all readers who send us their experiences, you should always base your decisions on multiple sources of information.

Lauderdale, Florida is a powerful mix of Contemporary Art, Self-Taught and Folk Art with a social, cultural and spiritual tone that reflects American Art and commentary at its highest level.

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