Dating lynn strait

26-Aug-2019 12:19

New York-born star Steven Strait, is one of the handsome men, girls always keep their eyes on.

But it may hurt his female fanswhen we will tell that the 32-years-old Steven is already married once.

Snot are an unbelievably kickin' band from Santa Barbara, CA who are one of the chosen few who deserve the name "new school metal." Their debut album, Get Some, is a combination of fast paced thrash metal spliced with punk and sick combinations of funk and guitar scratchin' "wacka wacka" sounds like you'd hear in a 70's porno movie--ya know, just for good measure.

Jail, drugs, weapons--it was just a cycle of violations and violence until he hooked up with the rest of the Snot boys to find his true calling and salvation.

Now, with the rest of the band (Jamie Miller-Drums; Mikey Doling-Guitar; John "Tumor" Fahnestock-Bass; and Sonny Mayo-Guitar) to back him up, he's turned his potentially misguided reality into a more productive state and has even made it, for the most part, fun.

Snot made a tribute album titled Strait Up, with the song "Angel's Son" in memory of him.

He was born in Manhasset, New York, but moved to Santa Barbara as a teen.

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