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12-May-2020 06:18

This patch removes the widely despised online requirement for the game.The release of the offline mode ends a rocky first year for Sim City.The North and West cluster are connected by railway.The rest of the territories will have to be connected through a ferry (as long as the city itself is not land locked.) Even though my city resides in the Western cluster, I couldn’t volunteer my firemen to cities in the Northern cluster.However, the mod is in beta, and there are a number of issues when running it, particularly for work done outside the normal boundary.For example, the modders warn that as your city grows you may experience lag.There are two clusters of seven cities in this region separated by a natural barrier.

Each of the three islands has two cities on it, so boats will be vital to trading with your neighbors.It was a blast getting to chat with the developers while learning the secrets behind the game.I had the opportunity to play a 16 player region called Viridian Woods.To learn more about Amazon Sponsored Products, click here.

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In February, I was invited to play the near final version of Simcity.The full update notes are below and the game should update automatically next time you login.